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Anyweedy Door









Quoting the concept of the Dokodemo Door, as long as you think of or say any place you want to go in your heart, you can reach it after opening the door. People, who yearn for nature, where will they go when they open the door?


Land utilization in cities is complex and has frequent disturbances. Green space exists in an artificial environment. Planting specific landscape plants and pastoral crops is a so-called "beautiful and green" land that conflicts with nature because humans strictly control the landscape. People always yearn for being close to nature in the wild and will also green the environment in their lives, but ignore the wild plants most relative to human life-weeds, which are also part of nature.


Weeds are full of resilience because they are unexpected plants, grow in unexpected places, and people have long been alienated from the land without understanding. Weeds are generally unacceptable, and they are often eliminated quickly. However, people forgot that many creatures on this land depend on wildflowers and grasses to live; even a tiny patch of weeds is also a habitat for many small creatures. It is a vital foundation for biodiversity and provides ecosystem services that directly or indirectly benefit from ecosystem functions.


Remember to bow down, pay attention to the weeds, and salute the land no matter where you go after opening the door.



Southeast Asia: Taiwan


Ministry of Culture, Taiwan



Collective creation from the workshop. Installation,

W 105cm, H 160cm, D 90cm, material: woodwork, paint.


主視覺設計 Key visual design by 雜草稍慢 Weed Day

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